Colonia: Movie Review

Inspired by the events of the Chilean cult compound Colonia Dignidad, Colonia is a unique, suspenseful, and ground-breaking film. The movie gives a glimpse into the crimes and pure terrors that appeared behind those fences. Emma Watson (Lena) joins the compound in attempt to rescue her captured boyfriend, Daniel Brühl (Daniel), a German activist. She soon discovers that it… Continue reading Colonia: Movie Review

Androcentrism and Misogyny in the Media

Sex. Sex is everywhere. Flip through channels on the television and what do you see in every genre? Sex. News channels cover stories of celebrities’ sex scandals and have been noted to comment on the appearance of celebrities as relevant news. Women newscasters often show a lot of skin, except perhaps the skin under all… Continue reading Androcentrism and Misogyny in the Media

An Unquiet Mind: Book Review

     An Unquiet Mind, by Kay Redfield Jamison, is a memoir about Jamison’s experience with manic depressive illness. She is a professor who specializes in mood disorders and psychiatry and has made tremendous strides in the mental health field by advocating for manic depression. Jamison shares her biological causes, her first realizations that something… Continue reading An Unquiet Mind: Book Review