Things That Make Me Happy

This month, I started a bullet journal. I’ve been looking at them for years and have always wanted to try one, but didn’t think I had enough motivation to set up one as a planner. I decided that I was going to finally get one this year and use it for mental health, tracking, and artistic purposes!

As you can see, I’m only on page 17, six of those not even filled up yet, but “plans” to do so. We’ll see how long it takes to actually do them.. if it happens.

I’m trying to be more consistent this year and improve myself. This past week, I had a really bad episode of depression that lasted four days or so. I struggle with these episodes fairly frequently— at least twice a month with varying time spans. I’m lucky this one was so short. They’re getting better along with my recent life choices, but I’m always going to struggle with depression in some form or another.

Then, this idea came into my head. I needed a creative spread to help me on those bad days— something that could remind me of ways to improve my day, even if I feel like shit. I surfed around Pinterest and found this little drawing of a girl watering herself and it really impacted me. I thought about it for a day, and the more I did, the more I felt like I needed to be this sprouting girl.

So here it is. The list that will hopefully come in handy during my next bout of depression.

Things that make me happy:

  1. Walks
  2. Sebastian (my adorable black cat)
  3. Cuddles
  4. Productive days
  5. Coffee
  6. Rainbow cookies (best store-bought cookies ever!!) ¹
  7. Drawing
  8. Twizzlers
  9. Blankets
  10. Hugs
  11. Bullet journal
  12.  Appreciation
  13. Making others smile
  14. Reading
  15. Netflix
  16. Coloring
  17. Finding new foods I like
  18. Painting my nails
  19. Talking to Lisa (best therapist ever!)
  20. Dressing up
  21. Pillows
  22. Writing
  23. Volunteering
  24. Being around kids (work and family)
  25. Books
  26. Having a clean space
  27. Exercise
  28. Succulents
  29. Gentle rain
  30. Movies
  31. Ice cream
  32. Color
  33. Being hydrated
  34. Music
  35. Playing piano
  36. Tap dancing
  37. Nice soap
  38. Helping others
  39. Tattoos
  40. School and journaling supplies
  41. Massages
  42. Coupons
  43. Sunshine
  44. Animals
  45. Laughter
  46. Putting on makeup
  47. Being with friends
  48. Cooking
  49. Having time to myself
  50. Yoga
  51. Soft clothing
  52. Baths
  53. Candles
  54. Organizing
  55. Learning a new language (working on French and German currently!)
  56. Journaling
  57. Stretching
  58. Parks
  59. Fresh sheets
  60. Painting
  61. Cats
  62. Leggings
  63. Art museums and galleries
  64. Dogs
  65. Meditating
  66. Riding a bike
  67. Hedgehogs
  68. Everything black (ok, not everything, but it’s my favorite)
  69. Veggies
  70. Berry picking
  71. Workout clothes
  72. Calendars
  73. Long weekends
  74. Learning
  75. Crime and thriller shows
  76. Studying psychology
  77. Taking pictures
  78. Card games
  79. Finding role models (Lady Gaga)
  80. Baking cookies
  81. Water
  82. Sparkling apple cider
  83. Chocolate
  84. Minimalism (although I’m horrible at it)
  85. Symbolism (books, movies, art, etc)
  86. Meaningful jewelry
  87. My accomplishments (ya gotta remind yourself sometimes)
  88. Pretty fonts
  89. Lengthy showers
  90. Love ❤
  91. Bookstores
  92. Finding inspiration
  93. Pinterest (where I most often find inspiration)
  94. Fall leaves
  95. Hair cuts
  96. Waking up to get things done
  97. Coffee shops and cafés
  98. Snow
  99. Sunsets
  100. Elephants
  101. Mandalas
  102. Sloths
  103. Gracie (my chocolate lab)
  104. Printmaking
  105. Emily (my 20-year-old cat!)
  106. Flowers (but not cut)
  107. Outdoor murals
  108. Nature
  109. Brie cheese
  110. Traveling
  111. Trains (such a cool way to travel)
  112. Glasses
  113. Modern art
  114. Dressing up for Halloween
  115. Richmond (VA)
  116. Rolling hills
  117. Mexican food
  118. Fireplaces
  119. 7-Eleven slurpees (just found a black cherry coke flavor last week!!!)
  120. Getting out of work/school when it’s still light outside
  121. Asiago bagels from Einstein’s
  122. Warm and clear ocean
  123. Bread (duh)

So that’s my list! Try to make a list for yourself. Come up with at least 100— anything less is just too easy.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.09.21 PM.png

Bullet journal: Rhodia

Pencils: Prismacolor Premier

Pens: Fiber-Castell

Markers: Prismacolor Premier

Washi: The Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)


Girl drawing:


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